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  • A magical world set in Ancient Persia?

    Try: The Scepters series

    Features: found family, enemies to lovers, empires, intense magic.

  • A magical world set in the present day?

    Try: The Ren Crown series

    Features: found family, magical delinquency, university hijinks, more found family, intense world building.

  • A unique fairytale full of monsters and romance?

    Try: Tender of the Garden

    Features: enemies to lovers, fairytale elements, beasts.

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Reading order for the Scepter Series:

House of Scepters (1)
Cage of Shadows (2)
Crown of Starlight (3)

Reading order for the Ren Crown Series:

The Awakening of Ren Crown (1)
The Protection of Ren Crown (2)
The Rise of Ren Crown (3)
The Unleashing of Ren Crown (4)
The Destiny of Ren Crown (5)

Single Book Stories:

Tender of the Garden (33k short novel)

*Tender of the Garden is a stand alone story, but the events take place in the Fourth Layer simultaneously to the Second Layer events in The Protection of Ren Crown. There is impact (and a cameo) between stories, but both can be read on their own.

Links to ebook, print, and audio (if applicable) versions can be found on each book's page.

The Scepter Series

Enter a world of myth and shadow...

The Ren Crown Series

Enter a world of fantasy and magic...

Tender of the Garden

A Fairytale Novella at 33k words

Enter a world of dark magic and cruel beasts...