Current Work In Progress

WIP: Anne is writing a new trilogy packed with female friendships, found family shenanigans, issues of worth and legacy, and a world in chaos (the extremely deadly kind).

May 2024 status update: Book 1 is complete and going into the pre-release funnel. Book 2 is so close. Book 3 has gotten some muscles on its bones. (Note for future Anne: write shorter books!!)

Release plan: The current plan is to release each volume 6 months apart (so that you can read from beginning to end without too much wait). The current release plan is September 2024 - September 2025.

You made your preferences known - thank you! Online feedback and email indicated that readers would rather get the first book faster and have 3-6 months between volumes (in order to absorb) than all three at once. Thank you to everyone who weighed in!!


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