Current Work In Progress

WIP: Anne is writing a new trilogy packed with female friendships, found family shenanigans, issues of worth and legacy, and a world in chaos (the extremely deadly kind).

September 2023 status update: Book 1 is done. Book 2 is nearing completion. Book 3 has gotten some muscles on its bones. (Note for future Anne: write shorter books!!)

Release plan: The current plan is to release similarly to the Scepter Series -- releasing each volume 1-3 months apart (so that you can read from beginning to end without the wait).

Make your preferences known! If you have a preference between getting the first book in your hands faster (and having 3 months between volumes) or taking a little longer and getting the whole shebang nearly at once (having 1 month between volumes), send a note! The majority opinion will be weighed heavily.


Stay tuned to the end of 2023 for an update, or sign up for the newsletter to be the first to know when the books are out!