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Build Your Own Keychain (and get another one free for a friend!)

Build Your Own Keychain (and get another one free for a friend!)

Design your own two-sided keychain -- something just for you! And then the package you receive will contain two of those keychains -- so you can give one to a friend! 💕

Using Anne Zoelle merch designs, favorite book tropes, unique story elements, personalization, and custom choices, pick a design for each side of the two-sided sturdy acrylic keychain, and have it made just for you.

Create a perfect gift for that special someone -- You! And receive one for another special someone in your life.  🩷

Design Side 1
Design Side 2

*more designs to come

The selected image onscreen corresponds to the choice you made in Design Side 1, but rest assured, your choice for Design Side 2 will be implemented as chosen!

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